What is it like to attend rehab?

Answer by Sheikh Heera:

Rehabilitation refers to any process that seeks to restore the patient to a previous level of health and it could be physical or psychological. Rehabilitation has the goal of assisting individuals to achieve the highest quality of life and health as possible within their circumstances and it’s community based treatment process where there is a group of members and who have the same kind of problems or experiences and the method is like “each one teach one”. Now depending on the problem rehab comes in so many shapes (like Cliff Askey said) and it’s the place where addressing emotional issues is often part of the rehabilitation process.

Since I’m involved with a Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center so I would like to say that, an addict looses his/her morals during addiction period and only detoxification is not sufficient for him/her to recover the lose and become a normal person again.

In drug rehabilitation process, detoxification is also important to help the addict to deal with physical cravings but it’s only a little part of the whole treatment and I would say it’s a the primary and not more than 5% of the treatment process, while counseling, positive peer culture, sharing e.t.c are helpful to recover the person’s behavior lapses and as well as weakening the emotional bonds and most importantly to recover his/her morality.

This question is too broad to answer here and also I’ve some limitations too but I think that the rehab is a place for those persons who are in lose of their mental, spiritual and maybe physical health (at some extent) and what is not possible to recover by themselves alone or with any medication. It helps people to restore their previous state of mind and lifestyle and also supports the person to continue a normal life.

Finally I would like to mention that, an addict needs some extra care to improve his/her behavior disorder, mental strength and peace, spiritual thoughts and religious beliefs to recover from addiction and only a rehabilitation center focuses on these things as key ingredients in the drug treatment process for an addict.

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